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Sustaining Memphis Indian Community - In Action

To coalesce and create a unifying proposition that supports the need of Indian Community and develops pipeline of leaders in community service

Diwali Gala

Diwali Gala is our marquee event to bring the Indian American diaspora together each year to reflect on the success and good we made for the year, and enlist the community's support in advancing our focus area goals and objectives for years ahead. We invite our community partners and benefactors to join our celebration marked with festive mood, satiating food, music and dance.

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Youth Development

ICFGM has supported different youth development and leadership programs such as Bridges Memphis, and the Boys & Girls Club, In 2022, we sponsored the pilot Leadership Germantown - Youth leadership program. 15 aspiring youth leaders representing a very diverse base including Indian, were part of the 8 week program. We continue to focus on future leaders, and will look for continuing opportunities to build such programs, and ensure diverse representation and experiences for all.

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